Raul-Mariaca-Dalence Raúl Mariaca Dalence

Raùl is a well known character in the village and further afield. His artistic career began while studying chemistry at the University of Geneva where he followed courses in academic drawing given by Axel Ernst. That was in 1978. At that time, he purposely left his colour palette and brushes in order to pursue a scientific career in chemistry. For Raúl is a scientist, an explorer with an insatiable curiousity, who is interested in everything he comes across. When the time came to retire, he came back on his idea. He had been a researcher all his life, he would not stop so quickly . He decided to pick up where he had left off and develop his passion for painting. Thus, in 2005 he began painting and sculpting with Marie – France Krähenbühl . In 2008 he worked on portraiture with Christoff Debusschère. In 2012 he went to Montreal to learn the spatula technique of painting with Richard Morin. In that same year in Charlevoix ( Québec ) he developped his pastel technique with Juan Cristobal Pinochet. Today, he is a confirmed painter whose talent has gradually blossomed in his studio in Avry. Several exhibitions, 2006-2013, have already shown the public the many facets of Raúl Mariaca’s artistic passion. His latest exhibition “un pied dans la danse ” leaves no one indifferent . Oils and pastels, the colours and movements moving forcefully on the canvas, let us guess what the eye of the artist has seen and what he would like to bring us. Behind his dansing figures, emerge real people with their lives and souls. And to animate the space around this work, Raúl had the magical idea of inviting students from the conservatory of ballet to perform during the opening ceremony. He invests himself completely in what is precious to him and his love of art will have a future. Our many congratulations to this wonderful artist who we hope soon to see exposed on our walls. Geneviève Renevey Councillor for Culture in Avry-sur-Matran

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